The Event Center At Rosewood

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The Event Center At Rosewood

The Perfect Place for Your Next Event

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Your Ideal Venue for Every Occasion

Beyond our legacy in funeral services, we are proud to present a remarkable event space for all your special moments. The Event Center at Rosewood is here to celebrate life, create lasting memories, and embrace joyous occasions with your loved ones.

Your Go-To Venue

The Event Center at Rosewood is your go-to venue for a wide range of events, from weddings and corporate gatherings to milestone birthdays and anniversary parties. Our versatile event space allows you to craft a unique atmosphere for your celebration, ensuring that every moment is as extraordinary as the people you're honoring. Our venue offers:
Flexible Event Space
Host your event in our adaptable spaces designed to accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations.
State-of-the-Art Technology
Enjoy access to cutting-edge audiovisual equipment and technology to enhance your event.
Convenient Parking
Hassle-free parking facilities make attending your event a breeze.
Red Cup Celebration | Cremation & Funeral

Free 2-Hour Access with Service

When you choose Rosewood Cremation & Funeral for funeral or cremation, you get FREE access to our newly renovated facilities for a two-hour meet & greet following the cremation or burial service. You can use this time to gather with your loved ones and share memories, take comfort in the presence of friends and family, and focus on the life lived by the person you're remembering.
REd Cup celebrations

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I bring my own catering & event planner?
Yes, you have the freedom to choose your own catering and event planning services, allowing you to personalize your event to your liking.
What is the capacity of the event space?
Our event space can accommodate up to 230 people!
Is there a fee for parking?
Parking is complimentary for all events hosted at The Event Center at Rosewood! Hassle-free parking facilities make attending your event a breeze.
How long can we book the event space for?
You can book the event center for anywhere between 2 hours and a full week!

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