We want you to feel confident and informed when it comes to planning a funeral. Whether you’re preplanning, or you’ve just lost a loved one, we’re dedicated to being a trustworthy resource for any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grief often takes people by surprise, as emotions can be complex and unique to each individual. Understanding that people process grief differently, there are numerous resources available online and local support groups for those who seek help independently or in person.

To provide helpful tips and considerations for managing grief, here's a condensed version:

  1. Acknowledge Emotions: Recognize the diversity of emotions that may arise during the grieving process. Allow yourself to experience and process these feelings, understanding that everyone copes differently.
  2. Time for Grieving: There's no fixed timetable for grieving, and it's essential to be patient with yourself. Grieving can span months or even years, so avoid overcommitting and prioritize self-care.
  3. Self-Care: Don't neglect your physical well-being. Maintain routines that include basic self-care, such as bathing, eating well, getting adequate rest, and engaging in physical activity.
  4. Seek and Accept Help: Grief can be overwhelming, and it's okay to ask for assistance and accept help from those willing to provide it. Tasks like meal preparation and household chores can be daunting while grieving. Don't hesitate to explore professional support if needed.
  5. Supporting Others: Remember that grief extends beyond the funeral. Continue to offer support to the bereaved in the months and years following the loss, and approach them with warmth and understanding in public settings.

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