Red Cup Celebration

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Red Cup Celebration

Red Cup Celebration | Cremation & Funeral

A New Way to Reflect

A Unique Experience

Our Red Cup Celebration is meant to flip the traditional funeral narrative and allow you to celebrate the life your loved one lived in a way that’s personal and lively, planning a celebration they would have loved to attend. Every aspect of the celebration is designed to make you and your family feel comfortable and to create an experience you can look back on and cherish in the years to come.

When you choose Rosewood Cremation & Funeral, you get FREE access to our facilities for a two-hour meet & greet following the cremation or burial service. You can use this time to gather with your loved ones and share memories, take comfort in the presence of friends and family, and focus on the life lived by the person you're remembering.

Celebrate Life

The Red Cup Celebration is about creating a memorable experience. From beginning to end, it’s designed to help you tailor the perfect experience to celebrate your loved one. The Red Cup Celebration includes:
You Choose the Location
The celebration can take place anywhere you’d like. Our hope is that you’ll choose a location that was meaningful or symbolic to your loved one.
Play Their Favorite Music
Music is a staple at any gathering. The Red Cup Celebration is no different. Creating a special playlist full of your loved one’s favorite songs will set the tone and help everyone celebrate their memory.
Food and Snack Catering Service
Food is an important part of any celebration. You choose the restaurant, we handle the catering. We want to take as much of the burden of planning off of you as possible.
Living Obituary
A designated Life Celebrant will share your loved one’s life story, weaving in stories from friends and family throughout. This time is one of reminiscing, healing, and camaraderie as your group celebrates through storytelling.
Large Digital Screen
We offer a large digital screen to feature your favorite pictures and videos. Your cherished memories will look better than ever as you and your friends and family remember what made your loved one special.
Red Cup Celebration | Cremation & Funeral

Create Memories

Often, funerals become family reunions and family reunions run on food, fellowship, and fun. Our Red Cup Celebration is the perfect way to honor old memories while creating new ones with the people you care about. Celebrators are encouraged to bring a cup filled with whatever drink they want and come ready to celebrate their loved one.
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